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Since 1891, the history of Edouard Koehn has been part of the great Swiss watchmaking tradition. An exceptional heritage, an alliance of experience, ingenuity and passion, which the new entity endeavours to safeguard and revive in its multiple crafts of the art of watchmaking and its many skills.


In the purest spirit of fine watchmaking, watchmakers and craftsmen working on Edouard Koehn's timepieces are part of the lineage of the greatestmasters of watchmaking.


Today, in family hands, led by two complementary generations, the rebirth of the Edouard Koehn Manufacture is inspired by the spirit of excellence which has enabled the production of exceptional watches.


The Manufacture has chosen to settle in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, a centuries old cradle of time measurement, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. This watchmaking metropolis nestled at 1’000 meters above sea level brings together unique craft and technological skills, recognized worldwide.

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Rigorous as well as talented, Edouard Koehn had quality for obsession. These high goals have guided the life of Edouard Koehn’s watchmaker.


Today, Edouard Koehn timepieces are manufactured in this same spirit. All the collections meet the highest demands of fine watchmaking.


Edouard Koehn has always been a fan of the unique object and of the very small series. True to this idea, the current models are still produced in small quantities.


This exclusivity is also the natural consequence of the impressive manual work that characterizes the creation of each Edouard Koehn timepieces. A human touch and rare skills which condition the very exclusive identity of all Edouard Koehn models.

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Innovation, Elegance and Classicism are three hallmarks of Edouard Koehn watches. Timeless, they are the perfect setting for a subtle enhancement of the crafts that they serve while respecting the work of the best craftsmen.


Responding to exceptional quality requirements, Edouard Koehn watches reveal their dual aesthetic and mechanical refinement in the same creative spirit.

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